Ell Arr Gee

by Left Right Goodnight

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released November 13, 2013



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Left Right Goodnight Leeds, UK

We were Left Right Goodnight, a pop punk band from leeds, founded in 2007 and disbanding in early 2009, we played with some awesome bands and got to meet some amazing people. Thank you all for your help and support over the two years we were together.

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Track Name: If I Had To Make A Montage Of You (This Would Be The Soundtrack)
And even though you burn the brightest,
Something so mindless could end this,
I am,
Contemplating, ending us tonight,
They always kill us and I don't know why,
Why we're alone most of the time,
I'm waiting behind just to make sure you're fine

Tear me apart but put me back together,
I'll give you my heart but this means forever,
You tear me a hole so big that i am losing,
Everything from within

It's this old book of photographs,
That's holding me back in our past but,
I can set these stills in flames,
But the memories stay the same

And if I had to make a montage of you where do I start,
From the moment that we met to the day we fell apart,
Our never ending story is now fading to black,
So sweetie here's your montage and this song is the soundtrack

Back then you were the only one,
To save me from what I was,
Too become,
Too become
Track Name: Check Out The Rims On My Safari Cruiser
I remember times our minds were blank and we would sit and wonder,
What it is that we're supposed to do,
The amount of time we said "Isn't this supposed to be fun?"
When we didn't have to answer to anyone

So sing it loud,
We'll shake it down and wake this whole damn town yeah

We'll make a run for it,
We'll chase the sun,
So that it wont go down on the days we call our own


Who would have guessed finding our feet would ever come so easy?
It's as much for us as it is for you,
And I know, you know, we know
We know!
That this is not our show anymore, It's yours!

So sing it loud,
We'll shake it down and wake this whole damn town yeah
Track Name: A Boy Better Known As (Trouble)
So spare me, spare me,
All your lies and apologies,
Cause I'm so sick and tired,
Of all your empty promises,
That you made to us,
In a plea for our trust,
So take it back,
Yeah take it back, everything

For granted, this is how you take me,
Breaking every bone just to make you happy

And this is not your fault, but a fault of your own,
Cause I'm a boy better known as,
And this is not your fault, but a fault of your own
Cause I'm a boy better known as,
A boy better known as

Trouble, trouble,
I'm here to break your heart,
Stand up stand up
We knew it from the start,
Always I know,
It's tearing you apart,
Tearing you apart

As I step into a crowded room,
All I'm thinking is how,
I'd like to take you home,
No matter how much this hurts,
Cause It'll burn us at first,
So take my hand and I will show the way
Track Name: We'll Be Okay Kid
Please give me,
A second to find the tatters of my heart that you left behind,
To sit and dwell with,
Hope we make it out this time

Please tell me that,
I'm not like the rest,
Instead you break every bone,
That I have left

And when it all boils to the down to the bitter end,
I'm just one of those boys who will,
Who will break you down, break down,
Theres nothing left

This story's getting older now,
Can't keep going through the same old motions,
Last years lost notions so tonight,
This will be my last plight,
To break the spell he cast on you,
To take you home and make you mine

You know how the story goes,
You know

When you're breaking your back just to get through the day,
When you're finding it hard to find words just to say,
If you hope real hard, then you'll be ok.
Track Name: Take It Or Break It
And I won't ever call you again,
No matter whats been done or said,
You won;t see me waiting up for your phone call at three am

And I wont go,
Breaking down in front of you,
You wont show a decent reason for me too
I wont go breaking down in front of you,
There's just no reason to,

Prove to me,
That you are my everything,

I'll break the ice then break my back to break the awkward silence,
You'll take it all then take the high road taking all my patience,

Time, since last spoken,
It's been a week and 3 whole days,
I bet you're still hoping,
I'm still a sucker for your taste

You just cut and run,
You said its all for fun,
You packed one bitter blow,
I think that you should know

It's said and done,
You've had your fun,
I'm packing up my shit,
I'm moving on
Track Name: Someone Say House Fire?
I've been searching combing the ocean,
For all your weaknesses and your flaws,
Call out to me and I will be there waiting,

I could easily give up on you,
First time obsession not my hearts possession.
And I could easily give up on you.

I can't get you out of my head,
I'd kill just to find you again,
Now I'm lost forever, forever in your heart

The last thing on my mind right now,
Is for me to get home safe and sound,
If I could chose anything,
It'd be to hear your voice in one last call

You know the time and the place we made it last,
You know my heart and how you make it beat real fast,
I call your name into the sunset,
It's all in vein cause I still cant see your face