If I Had To Make A Montage Of You (This Would Be The Soundtrack)

from by Left Right Goodnight



And even though you burn the brightest,
Something so mindless could end this,
I am,
Contemplating, ending us tonight,
They always kill us and I don't know why,
Why we're alone most of the time,
I'm waiting behind just to make sure you're fine

Tear me apart but put me back together,
I'll give you my heart but this means forever,
You tear me a hole so big that i am losing,
Everything from within

It's this old book of photographs,
That's holding me back in our past but,
I can set these stills in flames,
But the memories stay the same

And if I had to make a montage of you where do I start,
From the moment that we met to the day we fell apart,
Our never ending story is now fading to black,
So sweetie here's your montage and this song is the soundtrack

Back then you were the only one,
To save me from what I was,
Too become,
Too become


from Ell Arr Gee, released November 13, 2013



all rights reserved


Left Right Goodnight Leeds, UK

We were Left Right Goodnight, a pop punk band from leeds, founded in 2007 and disbanding in early 2009, we played with some awesome bands and got to meet some amazing people. Thank you all for your help and support over the two years we were together.

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