We'll Be Okay Kid

from by Left Right Goodnight



Please give me,
A second to find the tatters of my heart that you left behind,
To sit and dwell with,
Hope we make it out this time

Please tell me that,
I'm not like the rest,
Instead you break every bone,
That I have left

And when it all boils to the down to the bitter end,
I'm just one of those boys who will,
Who will break you down, break down,
Theres nothing left

This story's getting older now,
Can't keep going through the same old motions,
Last years lost notions so tonight,
This will be my last plight,
To break the spell he cast on you,
To take you home and make you mine

You know how the story goes,
You know

When you're breaking your back just to get through the day,
When you're finding it hard to find words just to say,
If you hope real hard, then you'll be ok.


from Ell Arr Gee, released November 13, 2013



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Left Right Goodnight Leeds, UK

We were Left Right Goodnight, a pop punk band from leeds, founded in 2007 and disbanding in early 2009, we played with some awesome bands and got to meet some amazing people. Thank you all for your help and support over the two years we were together.

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