A Boy Better Known As (Trouble)

from by Left Right Goodnight



So spare me, spare me,
All your lies and apologies,
Cause I'm so sick and tired,
Of all your empty promises,
That you made to us,
In a plea for our trust,
So take it back,
Yeah take it back, everything

For granted, this is how you take me,
Breaking every bone just to make you happy

And this is not your fault, but a fault of your own,
Cause I'm a boy better known as,
And this is not your fault, but a fault of your own
Cause I'm a boy better known as,
A boy better known as

Trouble, trouble,
I'm here to break your heart,
Stand up stand up
We knew it from the start,
Always I know,
It's tearing you apart,
Tearing you apart

As I step into a crowded room,
All I'm thinking is how,
I'd like to take you home,
No matter how much this hurts,
Cause It'll burn us at first,
So take my hand and I will show the way


from Ell Arr Gee, released November 13, 2013



all rights reserved


Left Right Goodnight Leeds, UK

We were Left Right Goodnight, a pop punk band from leeds, founded in 2007 and disbanding in early 2009, we played with some awesome bands and got to meet some amazing people. Thank you all for your help and support over the two years we were together.

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